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Kelvin Busher – Artist Portfolio

Kelvin Busher has been drawing and creating art practically since he was old enough to hold a pencil. The first thing he remembers drawing was an image of Disneyland, complete with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Madam Mim and of course the whole Disney Castle!

As a child he got a lot of encouragement from family and teachers, and was soon entering and winning art competitions. He also clearly remembers seeing an image of the Mona Lisa at the age of 10 and being completely mesmerised. She was on the front cover of a series called the great artists and the first edition was two books. One on Monet and the other on Da Vinci. He loved that image so much that his mum bought those books for him. Kelvin still cherishes those books now, and they remain very influential for him.

Portraits are certainly a favourite subject, and Kelvin especially loves creating these in pencil and also in charcoal. He has a large range of portraiture work in these mediums. Here are just a few samples:


As you can see, Kelvin loves drawing portraits, however recently he turned his hand to recording a prehistoric stone axehead of significant importance to Ireland. The axehead is now on display in the National Museum of Ireland, while the drawing is on display in the Sligo Field Club Journal:

When it comes to painting, Kelvin has explored a range of styles and is certainly very adept at capturing a whole host of different designs. He has completed various paintings in oil, which are inspired by the local landscape and life in Ireland. For example, his recent painting of Galway Bay:

Another painting depicting local life, captures the President of Ireland enjoying a day at the Prom. Kelvin was delighted to present this painting to the President at the annual Bloomsday party at Áras an Uachtaráin in June 2019:

Although Kelvin does enjoy working on these individual paintings and commissions, he really likes working on a series of paintings within a specific style. For example, following a trip to Barcelona, he produced his “Spanish Collection” with the very distinctive bright colours and local vistas:

Currently Kelvin is working on a series of paintings for his “Happy at Home Collection” which show a very different style, and were inspired by the need to stay home during the Covid Pandemic.

“A Clockwork Coffee”

In addition to the collections above, Kelvin has a true love of renaissance artists, and enjoys creating his own tributes to celebrate their great works. His “Da Vinci Collection” is growing by the day…..

As for what direction Kelvin is planning on taking next….. He has already begun working on a new collection. His latest work is heavily influenced by Philosophy and Mythology.

The first painting in this collection is The Bringer of The Senses as shown below.

Bringer of The Senses

Now this one is complete he has started working on the second which is entitled “Icarus, 2.4 Seconds From Impact”. In the video below Kelvin explains a little more about his latest work:

As you can see, Kelvin is a very flexible and talented artist. To keep up to date with his work, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram. He is always very happy to discuss personal commissioned work on request.

Art and Crafts

Venturing into Art!

Its funny how life sometimes appears to open specific doors at a certain time isn’t it? It can certainly feel like fate, the stars aligning or a higher power pushing you in a particular direction.

I have recently had that happen, and the doorway that has opened is all about art and creativity.

My own art skills are practically non existent….. but I do think of myself as a creative person, and I certainly appreciate The Arts in many forms. Combine that with the fact that I tend to visit art galleries on my travels and the result is the birth of an idea.

The plan I have involves creating blog posts around arts and crafts, with featured artists, as well as exhibitions and galleries that I visit throughout Ireland. This will allow me to share art that I love with my readers and help artists to gain additional exposure of their work. In addition I anticipate being in a position to be able to introduce artists to galleries which may be interested in displaying their work.

I have already chosen the first artists that I would like to feature in my new Art Section, but I am always open to hearing from other artists as well.

Please use the contact form below if you are an artist who would like to know more about my plans.

Antrim Coast

Day Trip To Portstewart

Some days you have just got to push yourself to get out in the world and remember that life is an adventure. There is so much to experience that each day can be crammed full and yet so much still goes undiscovered!

Today I pushed myself to leave the house and decided to head for Portstewart in Vanity Van.

Portstewart is a small town in Northern Ireland, just a few miles away from Bushmills where I happen to live these days. Its been so long since I visited though I actually forgot how to get there. That really gave me a wake up call about how little I have been leaving the house recently. With winter just around the corner that surely needs to change.

Portstewart is a Victorian seaside port which was founded in 1792 and was named after the Stewart Clan, a family that originated in the Scottish Highlands. Portstewart really hasn’t changed that much over the years as you can see below.

As I walked along the promenade today I couldn’t help but think about the many generations of holidaymakers who have walked here before me. The view of O’Haras Castle at the cliff edge has surely been admired and photographed for centuries.

Still in use as a school today, the castle building has been a centre for education since 1917. The gothic architecture is truly stunning. When combined with the cliff edge location, it adds to the landscape, an unmistakable aura of power.

In contrast, there is a very relaxed atmosphere in Portstewart generally. It is quite the little haven of coffee shops, quality gift shops and home to one of my favourite home made Ice Cream Parlours.

Today I was torn between treating myself to ice cream, or a “chippy tea”…… decisions, decisions!

The smell of fish and chips was too much to bear, and of course I have to sample and review the Chip Shops of Ireland as I travel don’t I?

It was delicious……perfectly cooked, nice crispy batter and not at all greasy. Extra marks goes to The Prom Chippy for adding a wedge of lemon in the box too – Its the first time I have had that addition provided by a chip shop! I will be back for sure.

Antrim Coast Bushmills Favourite Walks

Whitepark Views

Today I took Vanity Van to the mechanic to get her ready for the MOT re-test, so hopefully I will be able to head off for a trip very soon. In the meantime I turned what could have been a rather dull day into quite an adventure.

My mechanic lives right beside one of my favourite beaches in this area, so I began by walking to Whitepark Bay.

As you can see from the photo above the green hills go right to the beach on Whitepark Bay. Its quite a walk down to the beach from the main road, and that actually keeps the beach almost deserted a lot of the time. I love nothing more than being on this beach with my dog Sienna and not seeing another person for hours!

Today I didn’t venture down too far as I planned to walk all the way home. Some of the most amazing views can be seen from Whitepark Road, and I just soaked it all in while I walked.

Some people ask me why I moved to Bushmills…… and the photos answer that question. It really is one of the most stunning areas in Ireland in my opinion.

As I walked down the road I came to the village of Lisnagunogue, and I was filled with memories of living here when I first moved to the area. I spent 6 years living in a house just across the road from the church shown below.

The village really has just a few houses, a church and a pub….. and I loved it. The only downfall for me was the house was surrounded by holiday homes. It was wonderful in the winter, but summer brought people, and that, combined with my major social anxiety, equaled stress.

As I kept walking today I also remembered all the times I walked up and down this road after the car I had back then developed problems. I carried groceries up in a rucksack many times…… That particular memory made me glad I was walking down the road today with nothing heavier than a bottle of water!

The bottom of Whitepark Road leads directly into Bushmills village, and I was quite happy to see the houses appearing in my view. It was a long walk for both of us…… Sienna was getting tired by this point as well:

It was definitely time to recharge our batteries by the time we got to Smugglers Inn (which just happens to be one of my favourite places to eat in Bushmills). Apparently it wasn’t just our batteries that needed topped up either….. I just about managed to get a few more photos taken before my phone died!

What a shame I didn’t get to take a photo of the food…… I am just going to have to go back and try that again LOL!!

Antrim Coast

The Journey Starts in Bushmills

I’m pretty much grounded at home right now thanks to Vanity Van needing some attention from the mechanic…. with the brakes needing adjusted I just have to wait before I can drive anywhere. That doesn’t mean that I can’t start my adventures though. There are plenty of places to check out right here in the village of Bushmills.

Even though I have lived here for about 7 years now, there is a lot that I don’t know about this area. Its time for me to do some research and learn about the place that I decided to call home. On went the trusty walking boots and I just walked to the top of the road…..

Although I have done this walk many times already, this time I was walking with the purpose of writing this blog post. Its quite amazing the difference it makes when you actually pay attention to your surroundings!

I love the views I have along this road and took a variety of photos:

I am lucky enough to live within a couple of miles of some stunning beaches, 2 of which are shown in the pics above. I am also surrounded by green fields, mountains, cliffs and valleys. This area is classified as an “outstanding area of natural beauty”, and its not surprising that visitors flock here during the summer months.

In addition to the natural landscape, Ireland is home to many castles. As I walk along the road today I decided to go as far as Dunluce Castle:

As I stand looking at the castle I can’t help but think about the history of this area. So much has happened here, and you just know that this has been the site of a lot of bloodshed. There are many legends and myths associated with this castle as well. The most famous are the tales of a banshee that haunts the castle, and how the castle kitchens fell into the sea during a storm.

The the earliest written record of Dunluce castle was actually in 1513 and at that time it was in the hands of the MacQuillan family. They are the ones who built the castle, but it was seized by various clans who were in power at the time. It obviously saw a lot of violence during the battles that took place. The MacDonnell clan took over in the 1550s then by warrior chieftain Sorely Boy MacDonnell after the death of 6th chief MacDonnell.

The castle is open to the public, and despite living close enough to walk to it, I have never been inside. I think it is time I did something about that….. so that is now added to my to do list for this week. No doubt I will learn a lot more about the castle when I take the tour. I will share more about it then.


Creating the Life That I Want!

Everyday I work on creating the life that I want for myself.

Some days its easier than others, but so far it has ALWAYS been worth the effort. Its really a lot of fun, and very satisfying to make the things I want for my life actually happen.

Starting this blog is another little step for me, another thing to mark off the list of things that I want to do. Its been bouncing around in my brain now for at least 6 months, since the day I actually bought my van actually. I made that purchase in the middle of the global COVID pandemic, and thanks to lockdown rules, my lovely little van has been sitting on the driveway more than on the road. With the lifting of lockdown rules now, its time to start moving forward with my van adventures.

Its a funny feeling, being on the brink of doing something that I have wanted to do for so long.

I am full of nervous excitement, and wonder where this latest part of my plan will lead me. By that I mean both geographically and mentally. I’ve made enough life changing decisions in my life already to know that the chances are it will lead me to places that I have not even contemplated yet.

Something that I have thought about a lot already is being out there, in unfamiliar places, on my own. Considering I have a major anxiety disorder that can make me freeze at the doorstep when I need to go to the local shop, heading out into the ‘wild blue yonder’ by myself in a van is quite a personal challenge.

Its a good thing that I love a challenge really, and this one….. well lets just say its certainly going to push me outside of my comfort zone. Thats what I want. Thats what this wanting a van thing has been all about I think. I want to remember who I am, to prove to myself that I am in charge of my life, and my anxiety does not rule me.

Am I scared? Heck yes! I could do a lot of the what if’s, and really scare myself stupid, but I am just not allowing myself to go there. Instead I am doing the deep breaths and the I can do its instead.

Time to face down the demons in my head and push through to the other side!

Now I just need to get the van sorted and ready to go…… ironically it has just failed the MOT. First stop then is the mechanic to get the brakes aligned and get a bit of welding done. Its all part of the adventure I guess, even though its not exactly part of the dream!